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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random Card - Penny Black Fat Cat Birthday

Just a random card I made. I really didn't work on anything today. I was busy watching the Anna Nicole Smith case on Court TV. It was really interesting. I don't watch much television but when I do watch, I like to watch the View and Court TV during the day, CSI and Supernatural in the evening. I heard Heroes is pretty good. I saw one episode but based on what I heard, maybe it's worth looking at.

I'll work on cards tomorrow. I have a few projects I want to work on. . .I'll post a few of them tomorrow.

Until later. . .


Allison said...

Another cute the fat cat!

anab. said...

Wow, what a cute card! Love the fat cat...I need to add one to my collection. BTW, I wanted to thank you for sharing with us your readers about the Keiki Cards, I will be making cards to send to them. My husband was quite moved by the idea and will help whenever he's home. Thanks again and keep up the awsome blog!