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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Personal Rambling - It All Makes A Whole Lot of Sense Now

OMG. . .I now know why I've been feeling weird for the past 3 days!! I thought I was coming down with something or something was really wrong with me. I couldn't concentrate, I felt antsy and unable to focus on anything. I didn't even want to make any cards or rubber stamp. I was beginning to feel really tired and couldn't understand why. I was beginning to worry that something was really wrong with me. I thought I was going into some sort of depression. Seriously. . .I really was beginning to feel really depressed.

Yesterday, I hit rock bottom. I woke up feeling like I didn't sleep all night. . .I thought I had the flu or something. I woke up, made a card, and went right back to bed. I slept at least 4 hours mid-morning and I got up feeling not at all refreshed. All day and all evening I was dragging my butt. It took all the effort I could muster to motivate myself to rubber stamp anything.

Anyway, today as I was making coffee. . .my husband pointed out that I was brewing decaffeinated coffee! DECAF! I looked at the bag and realized that for the past 5 days I was making DECAF coffee! The bag was nearly empty! OMG. . .that explained it all!

I was suffering caffeine withdrawal!! I had no caffeine for 5 days! Wow. . . that was a major eye-opener. I never realized that caffeine could have such a major influence on my life. I quickly threw away what was left of the decaffeinated coffee and began brewing the regular coffee. It's really scary to think that coffee can effect me this way. It's a drug! I'm not sure it's a good thing. . .considering how I felt when unknowingly I was not taking in any caffeine.

I think if I had known I was drinking decaf coffee, my response would have been different because I would have been conscious of it and would have mentally tried not have it affect me. Because I was unaware of it, the true response of not taking any caffeine became quite apparent.

Well. . .I'm back to my lively, happy self again!! I had my first sip of real coffee today. I think everything will be okay now.


Mrs Adept said...

mmmmmmm yummy coffee. You know I have to go make one now. :)

Beth said...

Too funny. Loved this story!