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Monday, February 05, 2007

Response to My "Tell Me About Yourself" Questionnaire

Because my questionnaire was so long, I'll post a few of the responses I received each day until I cover them all. It was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fun reading your responses and I want to thank you for taking the time to fill out my questionnaire.

For the first question "How long have you been rubber stamping?"

The majority responded 1 to 4 years. I'll be making 4 years this year so I had this in common with my respondents. The average was 2 to 3 years. BUT. . .approximately 30% have been stamping for over 5 years and 5 of the 49 respondents have been rubber stamping for over 10 years and Linda Y. has been rubber stamping for 15 years. I never heard of rubber stamping up until 5 years ago. . .imagine, someone rubber stamping for 15 years! Linda Y. . .you should create a blog site and share your vast rubber stamping experience with all of us!!

There were a few newbies <1 year - approximately 7 of the 49 respondents have been rubber stamping for less than a year. Shelly, Emily, Rochelle, and Kris are super newbies. . .they just started stamping! Welcome to the world of rubber stamping!!! I hope you stick it out and continue to learn!

The second question was "How often do you rubber stamp or make cards?"

An overwhelming majority responded with either daily or several times a week. There were about 5 of you that rubber stamped occasionally like once a month or once a week. Wow, it's really great to hear that I'm not the only one that rubber stamps daily or several times a week. Honestly, I thought I was a minority and that most rubber stampers rubber stamped a few times a month. I thought I was spending too much time with this hobby and I've been rest assured that I'm no different from many rubber stampers out there!

Trish rubber stamps daily and said "A day without stamping is a day without sunshine". Hahaha! I like that!

Okay. . .that's the two questions and responses for the day. I'll do two more tomorrow~

Until later. . .

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