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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cards I made during our trip

Hi Everyone! It's the 5th day of our Colorado road trip and I'm having a major blast. I can't express how beautiful Colorado is especially if you drive through the mountain. We've driven more than 800 miles and stayed in 5 hotels so far. Tomorrow we'll be driving to Colorado Springs from Alamosa.

Today we visited the Great Sand Dunes. It was an awesome experience. One I'll cherish! I'll post pictures of the Great Sand Dunes tomorrow because it's already way too late and I need to go to bed soon.

Can you believe I made 4 cards this evening within two hours. I should go on more trips. I seem to make more cards on our trip than I do at home. I think I worked faster in making the cards because I've been using pre-cut, pre-stamped images or stickers to create the cards which don't require any effort. Because my supplies are limited, I can't add glitter, emboss, or anything like that. . .the cards are basically bare-bone, what you see is what you get sort of cards.

Just a simple card I slapped together. I made do with what materials I had. I stamped the "hugs to" by Studio G directly on to the designer paper. The flowers are stickers and the word "you" are die-cut alphabets.

I didn't have a stamp that said "sorry" so I used die cut alphabets instead. It's hard to create cards when you only have a limited supply of materials. You need to make do with what you have. I'm not really liking my design because the letters are too large but oh, well.

The tag is by K&Co and I had pre-stamped the flower before our trip. It really came in handy because I didn't have a "reddish" colored ink to match the color combo of this card.

The background is by DCWV "Far East" designer paper. I love this paper because it's textured. The stamped flower is by Heidi Grace.

Anyway, I'll post pictures of our adventure tomorrow! I took really great pictures of the Great Sand Dune and I want to show it off. I think you'll like it too. Goodnight, Everyone!!


Michelle said...

You even create while you are on vacation? Amazing!
I love that cute baer card!

Rita said...

Your doing great with the cards girl!!! Good job for someone who is creating while on vacation! Have fun.


marja said...

4 lovely cards maria!!!!!

Debby Winters said...

What wonderful card! I am in awe that you can still find time for these great creations while on vacation! I love the bear card too! Adorable!

malieta said...

You know what....that is a great idea. The next time we go on vacation, I think that I'll do something like this. (in case of boredom) I like the cards also Maria!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Great cards... amazing what you can come up with limited supplies!
Thank you for the ATC card and clear stamp set! Love the colors on the ATC and that flower image... I see you used that same flower on the last card. :o)

Ila said...

These cards are all Awesome! Think I am going to start making up some packages for myself to take on holidays too....great idea!

Melanie said...

Hi! I was doing a bit of blog-hopping & came across your blog quite by accident(?) & got such a nice surprise to see you've used one of my bear designs!!! I love seeing what other people do with the bear ( I call him Cedric !) & I really love the "sorry " card you did!!!

Brigitte said...

Hi Maria !! Love how you used Mel's stamp for the 'Sorry' card !