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Friday, August 10, 2007

Tagged as Nice

Michelle at "Come Stamp With Me" tagged me as sweet and kind! Well, that was very sweet and kind of her! I now have to tag 5 people who I think are sweet and kind too. Wow this is a tough one because there's so many sweet and kind bloggets out there and I mean it.
I think there's a genuine niceness with card makers. . .I think you have to be in order to want to sit down and create cards for others. Don't you think? I'll come up with my 5 people. . .I have to look around and see who haven't received a tag yet. But for now, I think all of you deserve this award! Thanks Michelle for thinking of me!!
Here's my list of bloggets who deserve a nice award!!
Sandra of Sandee's Corner
Hulda of Aunt Scrappy
There are so many of my fellow bloggets who deserve this but I have to choose 5. I didn't see a tag on these ladie's blog site so I chose them because they are all nice and sweet.


malieta said...

Hey Maria1
I know you have a tag already, but I tagged you anyways. The reason is, you are one of the nicest people I know and you should have a million of these awards!

Beth said...

Thank you, so much, Maria, for the Nice Award. You really are sweet & so kind to me. Thank you for the two awards. I guess I'll be picking bloggers now.



Hulda said...

Thank you very much for the Nice Awards. I'll have to try to choose between all the nice bloggers I know, we'll see if I can pick the tonight or tomorrow :)

Have a nice weekend!!!