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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Betcha didn't know but I'm a guest instructor at Scor-pal. Awesome product, by the way. I'm not just saying it because I'm a guest instructor. . .it's really is simple to use and it's really lightweight. The groove lines are set to allow different types of folds for cards and projects such as accordion folds, gate folds, tri-folds, standard folds and many more. Making boxes is also a breeze.
Because Scor-Pal is very flat it's not bulky; therefore, easy to store. The Scor-pal tool similar to a bone folder has a compartment to snap it in to place when you are done using it.

Anyway, I highly recommend it to those who like to do different types of folded cards or create your own boxes. Click Here to be directed to the Scor-Pal home page.
I'll be posting projects and tutorials on my blog site using Scor-Pal when my kids return to school. It's been hard managing my time while they are at home but when they return to school, I'll have more free time to return to my regular routine of creating tutorials like I used to.
Check out the "Accordion File Folder" tutorial and "Card Box" tutorial posted on the Scor-pal website.


Rita said...

I bought the scor-pal 2 weeks ago & luv it! It's so easy...


kathy said...

I have had one since they first came out. the only thing i wish is that the numbers were easier to read(old age) but I love the scorpal anyway

Eleanor said...

I love the Card Gift Box tutorial you made. I will use your idea for my friend's birthday coming up. Thanks for sharing =)

Tina Suzan said...

I've had my scor-pal for about a month or so...OH HOW I WISH I had bought one YEARS ago!! Makes it SOOO much easier for us "alter" everything types!! You must have fun working for them too!!! Also, love your work including the blogs!! Thanks!!!

In Peace & Laughter,
Tina Suzan

Michelle said...

The Scor-Pal! How do you like it? It looks so awesome!

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