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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

TIC #9 - Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge - "It's All About Me"

I'm sorry my TIC is a day late! I experienced a minor problem on Monday. . .my husband left for his business trip and after he left, later in the afternoon our pond/waterfall sprung a leak draining the majority of the the water out of the pond. Unfortunately, our Koi fishes died because of the low water and heat. I spent Monday afternoon and evening, as well as Tuesday morning draining the pond and removing the dead fishes. We had a total of 5 fishes and they all died. When my husband returns from his trip, we'll have someone come in and fix the problem. Because I was very annoyed, I was not in the mood to create cards!

Anyway. . .now that I no longer have to deal with the pond issue, I had time to create a card for this week's TIC Day #9 - Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge.

Before I begin, I need to announce the winner of last week's TIC Day#8. I had my daughter randomly choose the winner and the winner is Malieta!! Congratulations Malieta!! I already have your address so I'll be sending out your prize!

Okay, this week's TIC is "It's All About Me". What is this challenge? Well. . .the challenge is to create a card that reflects who you are. . .not your style of cardmaking but your personality or how you see yourself.

I created a tri-fold card but I'm not quite finished with it. I'll post the completed card sometime today.

How does this card reflect how I see myself? I feel I'm a strong individual but still quite feminine so the colors I used are bold and bright but still very feminine

My mind is always racing with things I want to do. . .I become bored easily so I need a lot of mental stimulation. I'm always in need of constant change. . .redundancy and monotony drives me crazy. The patterns on the card is quite busy and there's a lot of movement and changing of directions. This is sooooooooo me. . .

The change of pattern inside of the card reflects my almost schizophrenic need to do something different all the time. I added a few word sentiments that describes how I see myself. It's not how others see me but how I view myself. The tri-fold reflects my need for new adventures. . . each fold have a different design but elements of consistency are still present.

So. . .here are the rules for this week challenge:

  • Create a card that reflects how you see yourself and not how others see you. Here are a few examples. . .if you see yourself as quiet and simple, a white card with very simple lines and very little embellishments may reflect who you are. If you see yourself as elegant and graceful use a swirl design with monochromatic colors. If you're very feminine, pinks and lavenders with floral images are fitting. If you see yourself as huggable, soft, and gentle, cute animal images in pastel colors are a great combination. If you're the fun loving, loud, bold sort of person. . .bright colors with lots of embellishments and patterns are a great combination. If you feel you're of old fashioned, create a vintage style card.
  • The card should reflect how you see yourself and not about making a card in your favorite style. For example, I love creating cards with cute animal images. . .but it no way reflects how I see myself but these type of cards are my favorite.
  • You may use any image but be sure the stamped image reflects your personality.
  • Creation of the card don't have to be rubber stamped, you may paper piece, use scrapbook embellishments, draw. . .whatever you want to do. . .
  • Along with your card, submit a short description of the idiosyncrasy or parts of your personality. If you want to, you can also include the symbolism of the various parts of your card and how they are reflective of your personality.
  • Feel free to create the card any way you want to. . .how you apply the elements of your personality on to your card is very subjective. . .

Send a picture of your card and a short description about the card and yourself via email at or comment this post with the URL address of your blog site or gallery. If you have a blog site, please include it in your email.

Please send your submission by Sunday. All submissions will posted on Card Inspired only. None will be posted on Stampin Inspirations even if you use a Stampin Up image. I will be drawing the winner on Monday.

I look forward to seeing your card!!


malieta said...

Thank you Maria!!!!! I am so!!
Now on to the challenge, I like your card alot. It's complex but feminine at the same time. Smart idea and very unique too.

Jen said...

holy crap girl!!! I am soo sorry to hear about you pond, and more about your kois!!! They are expensive!! That totally sucks.

Your card on the other hand, is beautiful. I will try and complete this challenge before the end of the week. Thanks for the challenge.


Dana said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your fish...what an awful way to die. We've had Koi in our farm pond since I was little and it's really amazing how long they live and how ENORMOUS they get!

Your card is beautiful though! Such pretty colors, great LO, awesome design overall.

Michelle said...

I am so sorry about your fish.
Your challenge will require some thought....I guess that's why it's a challenge!

malieta said...

Hey Maria!

I have a card posted on my blog for the It's All About Me Challenge. Enjoy and have a wonderful and safe Labor Day!

Angel Wilde said...