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Friday, August 31, 2007

TIC Day #9 - Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge - "It's All About Me" - Submissions

If interested in participating in this weeks TIC #9 - Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge. . .click here for the details

Here is the first submission for this week's TIC. Awww. . .Malieta always come through and participate in my challenge. She's such a sweetie.

This is Malieta's card that she made that reflects who she is. Well, based on the card, she is one elegant lady with a touch of playfulness!

Here is how Malieta describes herself:

"I put together a card that loosely symbolized bits of myself. My style is simple yet complex. I love company but like to be left alone. I'm soft but firm, and I love to laugh. I cry while watching a sad movie and am sensitive to others pain. I'm joyful,delightful and wishful. I'm constantly re-discovering myself and am very determined. I have a big heart but I do not give it easily. I'm just me.....just Risa (Malieta)!"

I'm glad to have gotten to know such a classy lady!! Thank you Malieta for participating in this week's challenge. You're awesome!!

1 comment:

mum on the run said...

This is so pretty!! Love the Halloween card below too :)