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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Daily Special - Anything But Cards - Altered Soup Can

Today's Daily Special is "Anything But Cards - Altered Soup Can".

I think there's a Blogger monster lurking out there. I think it is trying to chip away at my patience. All my blog sites are loading so slow. It was fine this morning but after my last post. . .well, I don't know what happened. Since that post, when I click on to my site, it loads at a snail's pace and it's making me MAD!! I think it's trying to drive me insane.

Anyway. . .I will not think about it or let it get to me. If my blog sites load slowly for you, please be patient. . .it'll eventually load. Step away from your computer for a few minutes, grab a snack, take a bathroom break, watch a little TV. . .when you return, whala!! my blog site will be completely loaded for you to view! Haha! Yeah, that's what I've been doing to keep myself preoccupied while my stupid blog site loads. . .annoying.

Here is the altered soup can I made this morning. Nothing special about it. Just something I put together really quickly. I have a bunch of cans that have been sitting around and my husband asked if he could throw them away! What! Absolutely not! I decided to make something real quick and show him why I'm collecting all the soup cans. He says that my craft stuff is taking over the house. Ummmm, and? What about it? I have to admit they are sort of taking over the house but I have no other place to put my stuff except the hall way, the living room, the kitchen, everywhere.

I have to start creating more stuff otherwise my family will start to get sick of seeing my craft stuff lying all over the place. They have to understand. . .my stuff makes me happy. When they complain about it, I tell them "hey. . .do you want me to be unhappy". . ."yeah, I thought so". Haha!! They know when I'm unhappy. . .life isn't very good for them. I'm the sort that when I'm down, I'll bring them down with me. I'm very easy to get along with. . .just don't make me unhappy! Just kidding!

Well, I better get back to crafting before something comes up and I can't.

Happy stamping y'all!

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