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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Daily Special - Technique Day - Slit Flower Frame Tutorial

Hey Everyone. . .Today's Daily Special is "Technique Day" and I created a tutorial for this technique I call "Slit Flower Frame". This project requires a Stampin Up "Slit" punch. If you don't have one. . .well, go get one. If you don't have a Stampin Up demonstrator in your area, this is your lucky day. . .I'm a Stampin Up demonstrator and if you want, I can place an order for you and it'll be shipped directly to you from Stampin Up. Let me know! Actually, I'm looking for customers. . .I've been sort of in a selling slump and need to find new customers. Stampin up is coming out with their new catalog in July and are retiring a whole bunch of their current stamp sets from the current catalog. The last day to purchase these retiring stamp is June 29. Email me if you are interested!

Lately, I've been experiencing a bit of a slump with rubber stamping and card making. It worries my husband when I go through this because I've gone through this slump with other hobbies. After investing so much money on other projects and losing interest in them, well when I go through this, he tries to encourage me to stick to it. It's not that I don't want to rubber stamp. . .that'll never happen but I sometimes just want to do other things. Blogging has helped me to remain motivated and blogging has become a secondary hobby.

I'm a "project" sort of person. . .everything I do is a "project". I think I'm going to start another blog. . .guess what I want to do! I want to start a music review blog site. My daughter loves to listen to music. . .maybe she can be one of my music critics. I'm thinking of reviewing different genres of music and artist. What do you think? I think it sounds like fun.

If you do try this project out, can you email me a picture of your completed project. I think I need a little bit of interaction with others who read my blog. I think that'll help me become excited about blogging. . .okay, so help me out by creating a card with any of my sketches or tutorials I've posted on this blog site or my Stampin Inspirations blog site and email me a picture of your card. I really would love to see your work! I'll post the picture of your card on to my blog site. If it's a card created with Stampin Up images, I'll post it on Stampin Inspirations!

Until later. . .


Heather said...

Stamping Slump- been there, done that

Honestly, I think interest in hobbies and such does flow and wane. I tend to lose interest in stamping right after I have spent money on new stuff (I know it makes no sense). Sometimes I focus on other things and the mojo returns. Other times I have to make a card or something and I get back into the habit- even if my mojo hasn't fully returned. Good luck!

Dawn said...

Love this idea! What a cute flower! I'll have to give this a go later today...after mowing the lawn..ugh! It'll be a nice pic me up!Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

My Name is Nancy Grant and I am... said...

Wow! What an awesome technique! I'll have to give it a try.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful tutorial using the slit punch. I just recently got one and can't wait to try this out.

Thanks for sharing this technique. You do great work!


Kat said...

Super cute idea!!!!! Really unique, I will have to try it!!!

Karen said...

Great tutorial! Thanks


Jan Hunnicutt said...

I love your idea and card, i havent' tried the tutorial yet but i will! I made one of your accordian files out of envelopes a while back and e mailed you a picture, what fun!

Sorry you're feeling like you're in a slump. I have a word of encourgement for you though. You and some of the other blogging ladies have inspired me to start my own blog, i hope you'll check it out!