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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Featured Blogger of the Week - {art} farts smell good: the blog

I have a new "Featured Blogger of the Week" I'm excited to present Aimeslee's Blog site. . .get this. . {art} farts smell good: the blog. Haha! How ingenious!! The best blog title yet! I love to read and I mean literally "read" what she writes on her blog. Y'know. . .not just scroll down at the pictures.

Her blog site is eclectic - with a mix of traditional rubber stamping, collage, mixed media, scrapbooking and a bit of personal chit-chat included. I'm not one who have an inclination to "read" blogs all the time, but I do love visiting her site to do just that! Her site is very original and one can sort of envision the type of person she is in real life by just reading her blog. She sounds like a really "fun" person - someone you'd have good conversations with!

Not only reading her blog site is great. . .her art work/card making/rubber stamping/scrapbooking creations are FABULOUS! It appears she doesn't limit herself to one aspect of rubber stamping, but use a multitude of creative concepts to create her handmade projects! She has been blogging for a while now. . .she's discovered this great medium for sharing our work long before we ever knew there were "rubber stamping blogs". We're seriously newbies compared to her.

So. . .if you want to visit a great blog site visit {art}farts smell good: the blog and I believe you'll agree with me!

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