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Friday, May 25, 2007

Yay! It's Blog Candy Time to Celebrate My 500+ Subscribers

I know y'all love Blog Candies so I decided to do a blog candy to celebrate my 500 subscribers to both my blog sites! Can you believe it? 500! I never would have imagined that I would have even close to that amount but the other day, I checked Feedblitz and there it was! I had hit a milestone! The email reader counter shows 371 for my Stampin Inspirations blog site and 267 for Card Inspired. The numbers are funny that way because there are some readers who subscribe to only Stampin Inspirations, some to just Card Inspired, and there are those who subscribe to both but the total amount of unique subscribers are currently at 503.

I have a JoAnn and Michaels coupons so I'll go shopping tomorrow for the prize. Okay. . .how do you participate in this blog candy. . .ummmmm, well. . .this is where it will get a bit tricky. . .haha! There are two ways to participate. . .I've posted, I believe close to 30 tutorials on both or either blog sites (Card Inspired and Stampin Inspirations). . .to participate, create a card or project using one of my tutorials and send me a picture.

The second way to participate is to create using one of my sketches from either blog site and send me a picture. You shouldn't have any problems finding a sketch because to date, I've posted close to 200 sketches, therefore, you have a lot to choose from! Please let me know the date of the post and which blog site (Card Inspired or Stampin Inspirations). If you are using the compiled monthly Sketch Challenges, let me know which number and which month!

To determine the winner, I will randomly choose by pulling a name out of a hat. The prize will be based on whether the card was from one of my sketches or one of my tutorials. If the winner created a card or project from one of my tutorials, I will add an extra prize! I will post the prize tomorrow or Sunday! I'll be sure to make the prize worth your effort!

Deadline for the card or project submission will be Friday, June 1st and the drawing will be on Saturday, June 2nd! Email your submission as a picture attachment to I will post pictures of all submissions on to my blog site! If it's a Stampin Up image, it will be posted on my Stampin Inspirations Blog Site and if it's a non-Stampin Up image, it will be posted on Card Inspired. It don't have to be rubber stamped. . .it can be any type of paper crafting as long as you follow any of my sketch or tutorial!

Hope y'all participate! I really, really am dying to see your work!

1 comment:

Stampin-MAMI said...

I stopped by your spot here, really nice....I am looking for ideas from other bloggers so I may be using your idea of the blog candy when i reach 500...

Take care.... and stop by my pad and leave a comment...