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Monday, May 21, 2007

X-Fest San Diego Sunday, May 20, 2007

If you didn't read my previous post, I went to the X-Fest in San Diego yesterday and OMG, it was awesome. It would have been just a regular concert festival if it weren't for a few memorable events.

X-Fest is a concert festival which features various rock bands. The featured bands were 30 Seconds to Mars (the most awesome band ever), the Bravery, Social Distortion, Plain White T's, Sum 41, Shiny Toy Guns, Say Anything and a few other bands. We were at the festival for 9 whole hours and we left before Social Distortion played their set.

Okay, here is the memorable event. . .we were watching Sum 41 do their set and we were sort of on the outskirt of the stage next to the promotional booth. There were a few people at the booth and nothing was really going on there. After a little while, my son suddenly said "hey look it's 30 Seconds to Mars at the booth"! If you don't know by now, I'm major fan of 30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto, the lead singer of the band.

30 Seconds to Mars

****30 Seconds to Mars - Jared is the one on the front right****

Anyway, we rushed over to the booth and 30 Seconds to Mars were setting up for an interview. OMG!!!! Jared Leto was like 3 ft away from us. . .if he stretched out his hand, I could have grabbed it! Unfortunately, he did not. . .oh, well. He was a bit scruffy looking, unshaven, messed up hair but no matter, the guy is gorgeous.

He is so friendly and very nice person it seems. At one point of the interview, he discussed the fact that his mother was an RN and that he has great admiration for nurses. Can you believe it? I wanted to scream "hey Jared, I'm a Nurse"!! After the interview, he walked over to the audience and was telling everyone hello. He has beautiful skin. He's a vegan so I guess eating lots of veggies does wonders for your skin! Too bad he was wearing big sunglasses that covered half his face. He also talked about the fact that they are working on a new album and some other stuff. I was just too shocked to hear everything he was saying.

30 Seconds to Mars set was awesome. I mean absolutely awesome. He has an absolutely awesome voice. They stole the whole show! The other bands paled by comparison! I've been to a lot of concerts and their set was one of the best I've been to. Sum 41 was great too. . .but not half as good as 30 STM.

Oh . . .another interesting thing happened. While we were waiting for Sum 41 to start their set. . .I felt a security guard push me to the side so I turned around and guess who was standing next to me. . .Avril Levigne and her husband (the lead singer of Sum 41). Boy those two are munchkins. . .seriously short. . .about my height (5 ft). I think Avril Levinge in fact is shorter than I am and her husband can't be taller than 5 3". The dude is short. Avril is very blond, very pale looking, and wears a lot of eyeliner. . .she looks exactly like how you see her on TV and magazines.

Overall, it was a great event and I can actually say that I saw Jared Leto in person and not just on stage. It was an absolutely memorable day! If you've never heard of 30 Seconds to Mars, scroll to the top of my blog site and click on the pictures to view videos of the band in concert. Enjoy!

***Here is Jared as a movie star******

Jared and Orlando Bloom

****Jared mixing with the Hollywood crowd*****

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