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Monday, July 23, 2007

Congratulations Hulda - Winner of this week's TIC prize

Congratulations Hulda!

You are the winner of this week's TIC prize! Thank you everyone for participating in this week's TIC. I'll be posting a new TIC tomorrow so be sure to drop by and see what it is. This week, I'll make it a super simple challenge! I think some of my challenges may be too much work for a lot of you so I'll do a simple one this week! Okay. . because it'll be simple, I will expect you to participate! **wink, wink**

This week's TIC will be a short one because I'm going to be gone for 10 days as of Sunday! We're flying to Colorado to do a road trip there. My husband, being from there, said that a road trip in Colorado will be something we'll enjoy. We were going to drive from California to Colorado but with the kids still in summer school and school registrations the 2nd week of August, we just could not fit in a major road trip this year.

1 comment:

Hulda said...

Thank you so much :) I'll defenitely do a card for your new challenge, I'm worki ng on it in my head right now and hope to do it tonight!!!