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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Random Cards - Using up the Scraps

I found two Hawaiian themed Adobe Illustrator files on one of the Craft Robo group site I'm part of. That's the beauty of the Craft Robo. With the Craft Robo, unlike the Cricut, you don't need to purchase any dies or cartridge. . .all die images are acquired via your computer and there's many group sites that create various die cut images for free.

Because I'm from Hawaii. . .I love this card. The coloring of the word "Aloha" looks a little uneven in the picture but in person, it's fairly uniformed. Because my lamp is on the left side, it sort of brightened one side leaving the right side darker.

Check out the sketch challenge for this card. It's simple. . .it's primarily made with the intent of using a die-cut machine to add a sentiment unless you have a rubber stamp with a large sentiment.

Just a card I made with left over scraps I have piled in a box. Sometimes I'll stamp images several times and not use them. I store them in a drawer for future use. I made a pink one earlier today and I stamped a blue one also. I had set it aside and who knows when I was going to use it for a card. . .later this evening I decided to just make a card with it.

I have a pile of scraps of scrapbook paper in a box that is sadly slowly growing thicker and I decided to pull out two of them that had the color blue to match my image.

Do you have piles of scraps or cardstock? I try to downsize it once in a while by creating several cards using the same materials but changing either the stamp image, layout or the embellishments to create something different. Unfortunately, I have been neglectful in using the scraps that I have and it has steadily grown. I think my goal this week is to reduce the bulk of scraps I have.

I'm not particularly loving this card but there is one thing about me. . .even if I don't like the card, I would never think of throwing it in the trash or put it in a reject pile. I'll continue to work on it until I'm satisfied. I know of some people who actually throw their card away if they don't like how it turned out. Not me. . .every piece of material is worth something to me, ugly or not. I can't imagine throwing any card or useable material away.


CAKVD said...

Love the Aloha card! The sandals are cute too!
Cheryl KVD

mum on the run said...

Great cards, I just love my robo too!!

I'm with you in that I'll never let a card go, I keep going til it looks right :)