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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TIC Day #6 - Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge - "Crazy for Ribbon"

Yo! Everyone! It's TIC Day #6 again! Wow, time seem to be FLYING! I can't believe how time is whizzing by so quickly. This week's TIC is "Crazy for Ribbon". I decided I'll make this week's TIC a little simpler but a useful one!

Do you have a bunch of small scraps of ribbon stashed away? I do. I put all my little scraps into a jar and pull them out if a card calls for me to use them. Unfortunately, I have way too many of them and I need to get rid of them.This week's challenge is to rid of your left over ribbons or at least use the many rolls of ribbon you hoard.

Haha! I hoard my ribbons. . .then I buy more. I think I buy them just to collect them. Well, no more. . .I WILL use my ribbons even if it hurts. I have the same problem with scrapbook paper. They are so pretty, it bothers me to cut them up. I know I'm silly but I'm not sure why I'm this way. My husband thinks I have "issues". He's like "why are you buying more ribbons? You already have a tub full of them." Honestly,I can't explain my behavior. I'm thinking it's because I had so little growing up that now that I can buy them I still have this need to ration what I buy. Who knows???

Here is TIC Day #6 Rules:
  • You must use a minimum of 3 cuts of ribbon.
  • It can be 3 or more cuts of the same ribbon or they can all be different.
  • Any type of ribbon may be used to include rick-racks, embroidery floss, or any other type of ribbon. Sewing thread don't count.
  • You can use the ribbons in any fashion you want, tie a bow, lay it out in a row, attach to a clip, use to attach a tag, whatever. . .
  • There's no limitation on the theme, design or type of card.
  • Card can be stamped, paper-pieced, embellishments only, hand-drawn, etc.
  • Card must be submitted by Friday! Send a picture of your card via email to or comment with your blog address of your submission. Don't forget to include your URL of your blog so I can post a link along with your picture.
  • Drawing of the prize which will be on Saturday and the prize will be a Studgio G stamp set.
    Cards made with Stampin' Up image will be posted on Stampin Inspirations and any other images will be posted on Card Inspired.

This is another "Crazy for Ribbon" sample. I attached 3 ribbons in a row. It sort of matches the patterned paper.I'll be leaving for Colorado on Sunday! We're doing a road trip of Colorado. This is the reason why I need your submission by Friday 12:00 and will be drawing the winner on Saturday.Okay Everyone. . .Let's Go Crazy for Ribbon!!!


Tracy.H said...

This is a great challenge! I hope I can find some time this week for stampin'... hard with the nice weather and hubby on holidays, but I will try ;0)

Karen said...

Great takes on the challenges!

Heather said...

I am going to do this challenge. Are yarn like fibers acceptable? Like the fuzzy yarns?
I have lots of the above but not so much ribbon ;)

malieta said...

Hi Maria!
I have a card to submit for the ribbon challenge. I wasn't totally pleased with it (whenever you have a "cardlift" challenge this one will be submitted). Card can be viewed at my site. BTW I love the kitty and the skull and bones card.