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Sunday, July 08, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Hey Everyone! I've been tagged by Paula at "Paula Ponders" and I have to list 7 things about me that others may not know about me. I was tagged a few months ago with a similar theme so I'm going to add 7 new things about me. Here we go!

1. After quitting my job over 2 years ago, I gained 25 lbs. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The first year, I gained 15 lbs, when we moved to California from Hawaii, I gained an additional 5 lbs, and in the last six months I gained ANOTHER 5 lbs. It's so disturbing, I can't talk about it anymore.

2. I found a new hobby. . .Tennis. Yes, it's a hobby that I actually will move around a bit. Haha! I've never played tennis before and when I tried it. . .I can't believe that I was missing out on such a fun sport. It forces me to run around for 2 hours and that's a major accomplishment. I actually WANTED to run around and chase the ball (I'm not very good at it so I have to chase the ball a lot because I would miss hitting the ball. . .but that's okay)

3. I started a blog site called "My Journey to Skinnyville" a few months ago with the intention of losing weight but I didn't want to make it a public blog in the case I failed to lose weight. Well, I wrote one entry and that's it. I wasn't committed to the process so I had forgotten about it. I'm going to add the link to this blog site so I HAVE to stick with it. . .I'd hate to embarrass myself so this time around I'll make it my mission to actually lose some weight.

4. I'm a Indie Film freak. I have difficulties watching regular movies. My kids and husband enjoy most of the the ones I choose to watch but they accuse me of having a "dark" fascination for the weird Indie films out there. I don't think their "weird or dark", just very "psychologically interesting". A must see are "Notes of a Scandal", "Pan's Labyrinth", "House of Sand and Fog", "Pretty Persuasion", "Thumb Suckers", "Donny Darko", "Requiem For a Dream". . .gosh there's so many. Unfortunately, I can't list them all.

5. I wake up every morning feeling "happy". It's the rest of the day that changes my "happy" feelings. Haha! Most of the day I'm happy but it's rare that I don't find one thing that may bother me during the course of the day. Sad but true.

6. I love Starbuck's Caramel Frappacino but it gives me the runs. Sorry, to be so graphic. I'll drink it at least 5 times a week and most of the time, I have a major stomach ache after drinking it. I guess I'm glutton for punishment. I don't drink it unless I know I'm heading home. . .you know, just in case I have to go the bathroom.

7. On several occasion, I've come close to drowning. I can swim but I've put myself in very dangerous situations. In Hawaii, there's a beach called "Sandy Beach" (by the way, don't swim there unless you are on a boogie board or surf board) that has a very strong rip current. I was about 2 feet to the shore line and was STUCK in the rip current and could not get out. Lots of people were swimming an arm distance away from me and no one realized I was struggling for my life and was seeing my life flashing before my eyes. At the point of giving up, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me out. I will NEVER, EVER swim at Sandy Beach EVER again. I have a dozen stories of similar "near drowning" experiences.

I now have to tag 7 people. . .I'll have to think of them so I'll repost them when I come up with my list.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


Jan Scholl said...

You and me-film festival! I have thousands of movies on dvd, vhs, beta (yup still got a working machine too) I buy my movies from the video store used for about 2.50 each-many are not in English either. My favorite for a long time just came to dvd-My Life as a dog.

I almost hate blockbuster type movies-and if everyone else is seeing it, I pass. Other than sports, the only channel I watch is IFC.

we must be seperated at birth somehow. other than my daughter, no one else I know likes moveis like me.

malieta said...

Hey Maria!

I have to get rid of these extra pounds as well! I wish that I could play tennis but I can't. Because of injuries related to a stupid car accident in 2005! I have to use a cane 95%of the time now. You did make me chuckle though (Star Bucks):) and I think that you should have said that you have a very kind spirit..because you do! So take the time and enjoy life and your family. I will miss you posting daily but I know that family is more important!
Have a good day Maria:)

Beth said...

I was going to recommend Pan's Labyrinth, but I see you saw it. Wasn't it a fantastic movie? I bought it and watched it 3 more times, including the director's cut where he talks throughout the whole movie. Very interesting! Did you ever see "The Piano"? Also a very good movie. Good luck with the weight loss thing. I gained 70 pounds on my anti-depressants. Ugh! Tennis will help you for sure.

Michelle said...

The worst way to die, for me, is drowning (or suffocation) so reading your post gave me the chills.

Jen said...

I've seen "House of Sand n' Fog", that movie was pretty trippy. As for the SB coffee... same here girl!!! But I like the Macchiato - the hot one... I USED to get the runs too, but found out that if I took Lactaid pills, it helped big time. You might need these pills too. You'll find them at Walmart in the stomach meds section. It also helped with the cramping as well. You could be Lactaid Intolerant like me!

Thanks for sharing your tidbits!!!