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Monday, July 30, 2007

Train Ride in Leadville and Heading down to Aspen on I-70. . .Wow, Beautiful!!

Hi Everyone! I did manage to make a few cards during our down time tonight. After 9:00 we settled into our hotel room and I made 3 quickie cards. I'll post the other one on Stampin Inspirations tomorrow.
The images were already colored and cut out so all I needed to do was lay them out on the card. I used stickers and designer paper to help make things easier.

Here is the second card I made. Again, everything was pre-cut and all I did was add stickers and designer paper to my layout. It really helps when you have the down time to color and cut your images and store them for future use. They sure came in handy for me on this trip.

Today, we did a 3 hour train ride starting in Leadville. The train went through the mountain and my goodness, the view from the train was absolutely spectacular. The pictures cannot even begin to show the beauty of the mountain, trees, and landscapes. Leadville is the highest incorporated city in the US. The city is located over 10,000 feet above sea level. Here are my kids taking picture next to the train that we rode on.

Here I am taking a picture next to the train. I'm usually the photographer so I'm rarely in the photos. Besides, I don't like taking pictures.

View of my daughter in the train on our way through the mountain. I cannot express how beautiful it was.

We were allowed to get off the train to take land photos. Here is my daughter taking picture with the valley and mountain behind her. We were over 1,ooo ft high from the lowest point of land.

Here is my daughter taking a picture in the train overlooking the valley and mountains. I need to figure out which mountain we were looking at. I'll update this post tomorrow with accurate information in the case you ever decide to visit Colorado.

Here is a picture of the same valley and mountains without my daughter in the picture.

This photo was taken on I-70 heading west towards Aspen! It was by far the most beautiful scenery I have seen so far. I thought the drive to Leadville was the most beautiful but the I-70 west route is absolutely breathtaking.

These pictures were taken while we were driving. I-70 West is very curvy and at some points at the edge of a cliff. This is one of the scenes we were able to view during our drive.

As you can see the railing and part of the car in this picture. I was so in awe of the beauty of everything. Coming from Hawaii, I thought the mountains of Hawaii were beautiful. . .that's before I visited Colorado. The mountains in Colorado are just as beautiful, maybe even more.

Here is another picture of the same area at a different angle.

We are still on I-70 when this picture was taken but the scenery dramatically changed into a canyon view as we headed further west towards Glenwood Springs Canyon. Okay. . .the canyon was again, beautiful but in a different way. The mountains in this part of the road were carved and the drive is in the canyon. This picture shows the Colorado River flowing in between the beautifully carved canyons.

More pictures of the mountains and canyons on I-70. This route to Aspen is the best route, I believe. The change in scenery is awesome.

Here are a few more pictures. We took so many pictures. . .I can't post all of them. I sort of randomly chose ones that I thought were beautiful. Because the pictures were taken while we were driving, some of the pictures weren't as clear.

We're staying in Aspen tonight at the Snowpass Village. Aspen is BEAUTIFUL even in the summer. I'll take pictures of Snowpass and the heart of Aspen. We're going to do a bit of shopping and sight seeing tomorrow here in Aspen before we head towards Tulleride. I wish we could do a few outdoor activities such as white water rafting but we just don't have the time to fit it in. Maybe on our next trip to Colorado, we'll do more outdoor activities besides sight seeing. Until tomorrow!


Jen said...

great pics girl... love the beath taking view of the valleys. Reminds me of "The Sound Of Music" movie.... where Maria is twirling at the top of the hill.


Tracy.H said...

Awesome pics! TFS :0)