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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wow Colorado is Absolutely Beautiful

Hi Everyone! Well we made it to Colorado. The flight to Colorado was uneventful. I spent the 2.5 hr flight making cards! Yes, if you stop by my Stampin Inspirations blog site you'll see my crop bag filled with stamping and scrapping items to keep myself preoccupied on the airplane and during our down-time.

Here's a card I made on the airplane. Space was a bit tight but I managed to make to fairly simple card. I made another card which I posted on Stampin Inspiratons.

Here is a picture of the clouds above Colorado. My daughter took the picture while we were on the airplane. I've never seen clouds this fluffy. Isn't it beautiful.

On the way to Leadville, we stopped at Georgetown for lunch. We ate at this quaint restaurant called "the Happy Cooker" which served excellent meals. Georgetown is a pretty historic town tucked away in the mountain and surrounded by beautiful trees. Georgetown is a historic town and pictured are my kids standing in front of the historic old town.

The following pictures are just a scenic view of the drive between Silverthorne, Dillon, Breckenridge and Leadville. It's one of the most beautiful scenic routes I've been on.

I took so many photos that I couldn't pick which one I wanted to post so I just randomly chose the pictures.

Some of the trees had a burgundy color to the leaves. I can imagine how the trees will look near autumn time.

Gosh, I wish the mountains and the valley's around Temecula, CA, the town I live in was as pretty as the mountains of Colorado. I'm in awe of the beauty of the trees and landscape.
We'll be doing a train ride tomorrow in Leadville. It's an interesting town. . .very old. We're staying here overnight because we wanted to be close by to the train attraction so we wouldn't have to wake up so early in the morning. I don't recommend staying here. It's not a resort area like in Breckenridge. Tomorrow after the train ride, we're heading to Aspen. We'll be staying there overnight! I'll keep y'all updated! Until tomorrow!!


Tracy.H said...

Too funny! I can not believe you made this on a plane!! You are one talented lady!

These photos are amazing...can't wait to see more! :0)

Beth said...

Beautiful. TFS. Amazing what we can do with technology -- photos in the air, uploading them to a blog while away on a trip.

Jen said...

oh wow!!! love all the pics.... thanks for keeping up with the blog sister - now stay away, and enjoy your vacation! hahaha....


Pat said...

You go girl!!! Making cards on the plane..who'd of thought it was possible!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Maria! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Heather said...

You made that on a plane? WOW! Beautiful card- and beautiful scenary! Hpe you are enjoying your trip.

Rita said...

Wow!!! It's absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics.
The cards are great, leave it to you to creat & keep busy on the plane. When you get home please make a list for all of us of the things you brought with you to make cards. I may do that for my next trip out west, but don't know what I would bring. Thanks & enjoy your vacation.


malieta said...

Glad you had a safe trip and I think your card is quite cute! The scenery is breathtaking.....I love the pictures! Take care and enjoy!