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Thursday, July 05, 2007

TIC Day #3 - Extreme Make-Over Submissions!!

Good Morning Everyone! Check out Debbie's Extreme Make-over Card! I really like the changes that Debbie made to her card. The first card is pretty but the second card is "Wow". Check out Debbie's blog site "Papers Galore" for the details of her card.

This is Debbie's "After" card. Wow, it's amazing that even a slight change to a card can make it look completely different. Debbie maintained the original background and layout but changed the focal point into a prima flower. Her new card looks awesome!

Thank you Debbie for participating!!

Hey Everyone, check out the first submission to my TIC #3 - Extreme Make-Over. . .this one is from Heather at "Stamping the Details". Heather decided to tackle this challenge by doing several changes to her card but still maintaining elements of her previous card! Awesome job! It's interesting to see how a little change can really make such a difference to a card. Although the first card is great, I love the changes that she made to her card.

This is Heather's card after the changes. Heather changed the orientation to her card and changed the primary image but you can still many elements of the original card. The card looks totally made-over with a few changes.

Thanks Heather for being a trooper!
If you are interested in participating in the challenge. . .click here for the details!!


Heather said...

Thanks for the mention ;)
I have now decided it is acceptable to re-make cards that need a makeover!

malieta said...

Hey Maria!

Both ladies did an awesome job with their card makeovers! I really like what they did!
Have a wonderful weekend Maria!