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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Daily Special - Technique Day 2

Oh my. . .reorganizing my craft room was so painful. It was worth it though but unfortunately, I'm behind on my cardmaking. I did manage to work on my "Daily Special" for Tuesday which is "Technique Day".

The technique for today I will call "Brayer Rainbow Background". It's called something else but I'm not sure what it's called. Basically it's using a brayer to create a colorful background. Using this technique is actually a great way to create a water or ocean background. If you want to create an ocean background - the dye ink that you would use would be a multi-colored or shade of blue with one area being lighter and gradually getting darker. The lighter colored portion represents the sky and the darker area would be the ocean or water.

This tutorial will be a on the basic mult-colored background using the brayer. I'll use this technique sometime this week perhaps to demonstrate on how using this technique can create beautiful water or ocean backgrounds.


Glossy White Cardstock

Rubber Brayer
Multicolored Dye Inkpad ( in this case I used Kaliedacolor - Pastel)


Run the brayer across the multi-dye ink completely inking the rubber portion of the brayer. You would need to run it across several times before it can be completely inked. You will need to shift the brayer slightly left or right of the pad to cover the spaces in between the inks pads that will leave un-inked spots on the brayer. Avoid shifting it too much to prevent contaminating the ink pad with the different color inks.

When completely inked, the brayer should appear like shown in the picture.

Run the brayer across the glossy cardstock until it is completely inked. You will need to re-ink several times before the glossy cardstock is completely covered. You will need to overlap the colors slightly to get complete coverage.

The end result should be a uniformed colored background. Set aside to dry before working on your card.

You can stamp an image over the background as shown in the picture below . You can also emboss over it. Treat the background as you typically would when rubber stamping on regular cardstock. Below is a card I created using the "Brayer Rainbow Technique". As you can see it's very colorful. Use subtle colors or earth tone colors for a less overpowering colored background. I chose this pastel multi-colored ink pad to demonstrate how vibrant the colors are when using this technique.

Try it out with different colors! Stampin' Up sells a multi-colored dye ink pad called Spectrum pad. It's basically the same multi-colored pad as the Kaleidacolor pad.
Until later. . .

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