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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday's Daily Special - Embellishment Galore plus Quick Tutorial

Whoohoo! I actually am posting my daily special on the day it suppose to be posted. Typically, I'm late. Today's daily special is Embellishment Galore. As a bonus, I added a quick tutorial.

The photo isn't that great because I took it under low lighting. I'll replace the picture tomorrow with a better photo. In this picture you can't see the metal embellishment with the sentiment due to the shadow cast on to the photo.

I added a few embellishments to the card to enhance it a little bit. The center of the flower was created using a scrapbook brand called "The Card Connection". I love this brand of scrapbook items. BUT, check my next post. . .there's a recall on a few scrapbook metal charms manufactured by Hirschberg Schutz & Co. Inc under the name "The Card Connection".

The metal charm with the word "Sweetest" engraved is a metal embellishment by JoAnn. The ribbon was from a set that I purchased from Costco.

Quick Tutorial

This quick tutorial is on shading an image. It's hard to see it in the picture but the flower is colored with two shades of pink. . .one as a highlight and one as a shadow. To create shading on stamped images to give them a non-flat colored appearance. . .scroll down for the simple technique.


Rubber stamp that requires shading

Dye Ink in lighter shade

Marker in a darker shade of the same color family

Ink your stamp with the lighter shade ink

Shade areas of the stamp that you want to add a shadow using the darker tone marker.

The result is a shaded/multi tone image.

That's it. Yup, it was a simple technique but very useful especially with floral images. I think the flower looks a lot better than if it was a flat color. With the card I created, I cut the image out and mounted it on to the card using foam tape to give it a 3D effect.

Until later. . .


Wife2TJ said...

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

Allison said...

Ditto! I couldn't think of what to do with that Delight in Life blossom...this fits the bill perfectly!