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Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Feature to My Blog

I added a new feature to my blog. I will have a "Featured Blogger of the Week" . I was inspired by Allison whose blog site is called "Stampin When I Can". She has a "Inspiring Blog of the Week" on her blog site and she chose my blog site this week. Isn't that cool!

Well, I thought featuring a blog site weekly was such a great idea! Due to time constraints, I haven't really had a chance to look through the vast amounts of blog sites out there. It's difficult to browse through all of them and I'm sure you've experienced the same problem. So as my personal obligation to this new feature, I will pick a blog site each week that I feel is worth looking at (in my opinion).

What I'll look for are readability (intelligent writings), active blogging, interesting topics (not just personal diary or rambling), relevancy to rubberstamping and cardmaking, great features (i.e., links, galleries, etc.), tutorials, graphics, pictures, etc.

I will from time feature a blog site that do not pertain to rubberstamping but I feel is worth looking at. There are great writers out there and I'm interested in many other things besides rubber stamping so I'd like to feature those blog sites too.

I am interested in the global warming issues that plague us today so I may feature blog sites that discusses those issues. I wonder if rubberstamps contributes to global warming. . .hmmmm. . .nah, I don't think so.

The "Featured Blogger of the Week" will be located at the top of my blog site and will be a fixed category meaning it won't be a post. After the week is over I'll add the featured blogger as a link to the right sidebar of my blog under "Featured Blogger" so you may visit it at anytime.

I have a "personal" blog site that do not pertain to rubberstamping or cardmaking and it's called "Reflections and Perspectives" and the link is located at the top of my blog site. It's just my musings of personal interests. I didn't want to ramble on my rubber stamping blogs because I felt people may not be interested in reading them, especially, when they are specifically looking for rubberstamping ideas.

Anyway, look out for my new feature. I'll set it up sometime today!

Until later. . .

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