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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Holy Cow - Check Out This Person's Craft Room

I've, from time to time, felt guilty about all the stuff I have. I look at the mess in my craftroom and I'm beginning to wonder if I have a problem. My husband tolerates it and don't necessarily discourage my excessive need to collect as many stamps and accessories I could possibly afford Nonetheless, at times, he will comment that I couldn't possibly use all the stuff I already have. The conversation came up because I mentioned to him that I need to stop by Joann's today because there's a half off sale on a bunch of items I want and I don't want to pass up the opportunity.

Anyway, looking through another person's blog, she posted a blog about another person's stamp room and I took a look at it and HOLY COW - this lady's mad. Take a look at the picture gallery of her stamp room and you'll see what I mean. Click here

See what I mean. . . she's obsessive and I'm okay. Ha!

Isn't it funny that when we're feeling a little guilty or bad about our own behavior, we have the tendency to compare ourselves to others and rationalize that we're actually okay or not so bad. I emailed the gallery to my husband so he can take a look at it and he was like "WOW". He then said. . ."well, just because a person murders multiple people and you've killed only one person, it don't make you less of a murderer". Hmmmph! He's right but pleeeeeease, it's not the same thing. Here I am rationalizing again.

I don't care. . .I'm heading to Joann's today anyway. I'm, actually, feeling okay about it after looking at this other lady's craft room.

Heading to Joann's now. . .until later!

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