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Monday, January 01, 2007

My Craft Room

This is my favorite place to be. My craft room.

I've transitioned from the garage, to the dining room table, back to the garage and now my own bonafide craft room. I love my craft room but here is what I found to be interesting. Since acquiring my craft after moving into a new house. . .I don't find myself as "free" as I was when I was rubber stamping in the garage. I'm a lot neater now and I think that's the problem.

As much as I love my craft room, I found that in the garage I didn't care if I dropped scraps on the floor, embossing powder everywhere. . .the typical mess that occurs when creating something. For this reason, I could concentrate on my craft as opposed to worrying about what will fall on the carpet. I do have plastic mats on the carpet but I still worry that I'll drop something that will stain it.

My closet is really crazy with stuff! I don't even have the time to use everything I have. I've collected so many things. I love sales and I'll grab everything and anything that's on sale. I had a bad habit of using every Joann's coupon I received whether I needed to buy something or not. My New Year resolution is to buy only when I need something - not because it's on sale.
Until later. . .

1 comment:

sue said...

Your room is lovely! Relax and enjoy it! TFS