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Monday, January 15, 2007

Global Warming - The Inconvenient Truth

I watched the "Inconvenient Truth" last night with my kids and husband. It's a documentary - not really - more like an educational video in regards to global warming and it really had an impact on me.

Al Gore did a wonderful job presenting the issues in regards to Global Warming and the impact it will have on Earth in the next 50 years. It's very scary because this winter especially, it has become quite apparent that the impact of global warming is now actually manifesting itself. Consider the unusual weather we've been having in the last year or so, it's no longer speculation that it will occur - it is occurring, today.

I live in California and we had a freeze warning for this weekend. The temperature went down to the low 20s in California! Wow, that's bizarre. We have a waterfall in our backyard and it has been frozen for the past 3 days.

There's been news reports on the crazy weather in the East. New York at 72 degrees in the winter and other states having unusually warm weather. About two weeks ago, California had an unusual heat wave during the winter when the temperature went up to the 90s. During the summer San Francisco reached close to 100 degrees which is very unusual for San Francisco. Temecula, where I live, there was a week when the temperature rose to 114 degrees.

Please watch the DVD and educate yourself on how you can contribute in saving our beautiful planet. It's predicted that if we continue to emit C02 at the level we are currently emitting, in 50 years our Earth may not exist in the way that we see it today.

Did you know that the Polar Bears have recently been placed on the endangered list? The polar ice caps are melting and many Polar Bears are drowning because the amount of stable ice are dwindling down. It is sad to hear that in a few years the Polar Bears may no longer exist in the wild.

To the top right corner of my blog, there is a pledge widget. Please sign in with your email address and pledge that you are going to watch the DVD and educate yourself. The pledge is not asking for money or anything like that. . .just the pledge to help save our planet!

Until later. . .

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